Escape - Flash
Vickie - Video
Memories - Video
Retor Skator - Arduino
Container - Model Video
Sebastain - Interactive
Web - Design and Build


201 Dynamic Web project 2 - 2009
A cardboard box can be anything. A rocket, a car, a house and many more worlds and objects to help “escape” real life. With Escape I decided to explore the idea how as a child, imagination can be used as a means to get you places and go on “adventures”. I developed this idea of cardboard being anything through making the worlds out of cardboard too, and “painted” like a child’s rough, imprecise way. The first location is a park, as most children love playgrounds and wish to spend lots of time there with friends, followed by town to buy candy and games, and then finally a hill top over looking the city to truly escape their location. In Escape I made it possible to still “eject” back to the real world if you so desire.


211 Cinematics project 3 - 2009
A Documentry on Vickie, her life, her stuggles, and her acomplishments.
This projects aim was to ecourage us to experiment with simple effects in Adobe AfterEffects

Viewers discretion is advised.



211 Cinematics project 2 - 2009
Site-NonSite: An investigation of a site to be viewd as a remote experience.
My selected site is Hawera High School, explored in both the physical, and a scaled cardboard model.


Retro-Skator 5000

384 Wearable Technologies project 2 - 2010
A group Collaberation using Arduino.

The Retro-Skator 5000, are interactive Roller-Skates that react to what you the wearer is doing, as well as creating their own energy to power itself while rolling.
By Craig Hobern, Niko Knappe and Amy Dilworth

VFX Showreel

WIP - I currently am working on putting together my first VFX showreel to include FX, Lighting and Layout, in the meantime you can check out IMDB for the roles I have worked in.

The Container

112 3D Ideas & Practices of Design Project 4 - 2008
Using the constraints of the container layout, design an interior influenced from one of three given Music Video options.
I chose Sensoria by Cabaret Voltaire, with additional influence from Re-Education (Through Labour) by Rise Against. Modeled and rendered in 3ds Max.

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Sebastian - Interactive Theater

K.ONTROL (2009), Democracy (2011) and HA|Sharing Breath (2011)
I Mainly dealt with Electronics (Micro-Processors) and some Graphical Design.
For more information on each Production, Please visit Sebastians Website:

Sebastian Sommers


These are some of the websites I have worked on, other projects include:
building the 2011 (excluding the petition),
and local groups and businesses such as Winding City Webseries, Protect Security, EXP Design, I Do Wedding Planner and more.

Ben Widdall Music
2010 Ben Widdall Music Designed and built by Amy, site includes Media Player, Gallery, Twitter Feed and Google Calander Feed.
  Leon White Personal Trainer
2009 Leon White Personal Trainer Designed by Leon White, built by Amy, site includes Contact form, Craig Hobern Built info pop-up.
2010 Surf N English Designed by Leon White, built by Amy, site includes Contact form and is multi language.
  Assessment Plus
2011 Assessment Plus, Logo by Rachael Dilworth, Designed and built by Amy.
Assessment Plus
2011 Meredith Crowe, Design by Meredith Crowe, built by Amy, gallery built by Craig Hobern.